Super Bowl 101


If you are like us, you are getting excited for Super Bowl Sunday because (a) you live in the city that might win and/or (b) you like snacks and day drinking. If you feel a little clueless otherwise, we are here to help. Our Design and Production Assistant and resident sports expert, Ryland Quillen, will give you what you need (see below) to be a more knowledgeable Super Bowl party guest this weekend. 

C: Explain the number 12 thing?

R: So the number 12 stands for the 12th man, which are the fans. There are only 11 players allowed on the field at one time so the fans in the stadium count as the "12th player" in order to cause a ruckus and distract the opponent.

C: What is up with all the news on Richard Sherman last week?

R: He's had a beef with Michael Crabtree (of the 49ers) for a while and when the Seahawks won the NFC Championship, Sherman went up to Crabtree, slapped him on the butt and said "What a game! What a game!" Crabtree didn't like this and pushed his helmet away. It was pretty obvious that there had been some serious dissing throughout the game between the two.

C: We have read about the noise thing at the Seahawks stadium, is that thought to be one of the reasons the Seahawks are doing so well this season?

R: I mean, I suppose you could say that. We haven't lost a single home game and I'm sure the noise accounts for some of that. But let's be honest, it's because the Seahawks are the smartest, hardest-working team in the NFL.

C: Who are the star players and what should we know about them?

R: Richard Sherman is my personal favorite. He's Stanford educated, came straight out of Compton and worked hard to get to where he is today. Russell Wilson is the rookie quarterback. Only his second year as the Seahawks' quarterback and he's already taken us to the Super Bowl. Pretty crazy! Marshawn Lynch is a beast and can not be stopped. He also loves Skittles.

C: Anything we need to know about the other team?

R: Peyton Manning is old, I hope he doesn't break a hip!

C: For those who don't already have a party to go to, where do you suggest they watch the game?

R: All the bars are going to be insane. I'd suggest anywhere that has a TV and lots of beer and hot wings! And remember, drink Rainier not Coors Light! GO SEAHAWKS!!!

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